Color Blaze provides color powder in smaller sized specific packaging and also in wholesale and bulk sizes. We are the definitive provider for big and small occasions of all kinds. Our products are safe and will boost the vibrancy of any color fun run, gender reveal or photo shoot, pep rally, birthday parties, sorority sisterhood events, and anything else that you can think up.

Our high-quality items are delivered quickly for your benefit, often within 2 to 3 days in the continental US. Not only that but we have exceptional customer support to answer any question you have about a fun colorful event. Our powder comes in eight vibrant colors and is made from cornstarch. It is FDA approved for use and is 100% eco-friendly. Not only that but cleanup is superfast with a little bit of soap and water.

All types of organizations can use color powder for their charities and fundraising ideas. Schools, public or private, parent teacher organization, youth ministries, churches, and all charitable charities have been able to kick up their normal charity events and add a bit of color with color powder.


What is a color fun run?

Our friendly service agents will answer your call and quickly provide information that you’re looking for. Whether it be the details to organize a color fun run, how much powder and you will potentially need, or the best ways to organize a charity run, we have heard all types of questions and have been able to help various organizations around the US with their color powder needs. We can help with all your gender reveal party ideas, or help you figure out how to organize a color fun run.

We cater to a wide range of orders, depending on what you need. Small individual packets can be delivered in small five ounces packets, and we also offer a 500 pounds skid of powder. From small needs to mammoth operations, we can help your cause by providing the bulk color powder.

From Color Fun Runs to Gender Reveals, Color Blaze can fill your brightest, boldest, color powder dreams!

Color Blaze is a provider of supplies for enjoyable entertainment and fun events to organizers of fundraisers and fundraising occasions: color fun run powder, color war powder, gender reveals, and all other types of backyard vibrant activities.

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