Gender reveal celebrations are ending up as an innovative and trendy way to commemorate with friends and family when revealing your baby’s gender. Hosting one can be super enjoyable and a unique chance to elevate the baby gender reveal experience. There are different types of gender reveal party concepts for you to check out— Color Blaze is here to share a few of our preferred concepts using color powder.

Pink or Blue Color Powder Toss

A color powder toss is among the top creative ways to reveal gender concepts due to the fact that it allows everyone to participate! Depending on your idea, whether pink or blue color powder, you can ask your visitors to wear white clothing — let them know in advance that it will become a mess of bright blue or pink color powder!


Gender Reveal Photo Shoot

Lots of expectant couples decide to stage charming photo shoots as special and cute gender reveal ideas to expose the gender of their child. They produce a picture that reveals whether the baby is a little gentleman or little lady or both (twins!) and publish it on social sites. Consider hiring an expert photographer to take stunning pictures that will become memorabilias of the occasion and your pregnancy journey.

A Color Powder explosion is a fantastic alternative for a baby gender reveal photo shoot.

Have everyone dress in white and let the fun games start! We recommend having a full-scale colored powder battle! Everybody will have a good time tossing pink or blue on each other, their faces beaming with bright smiles and laughter while your professional photographer snaps away.


When everybody is covered with color you can pose for your last and final shot! Everybody must be well covered in pink or blue and your photo will plainly reveal your bun in the oven!

Let Pink or Blue Confetti Rain Down on You!
Color Blaze also provides confetti sticks as an alternative option to a color powder reveal! They are a lot enjoyable and incredibly easy to use. Each 14″ confetti stick is filled with either pink or blue confetti, however white confetti is put at each end so you cannot see the gender till you snap the confetti stick and it launch the confetti. Simply gather everyone around you and hand over the confetti sticks. Have them hold the confetti up and out and give it an energetic flick— like you are snapping a magic wand! The genuine MAGIC occurs as you are showered with Pink or Blue confetti. More gender reveal party supplies at our store!

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