Fundraising occasions like color fun runs have become a significantly popular method to engage your neighborhood in fundraising activities while raising funds for your organization. Questions like “What powder do they use for color fun run?”, “How to host a color fun run fundraiser?”, and “where to purchase wholesale color powder?” has been the talk of the town. Fantastic colored powder rates are available on the market so school fundraising or charitable fundraising are taking advantage of this great deal!

What is Color Powder?

The colors utilized in these event are name across the globe with its various names — color powder, bulk color powder, color powder packets, holi powder, colored corn starch and so much more. The product that often come in color powder packets are Food Grade Cornstarch and FDA and FD&C authorized food and cosmetic dyes. It’s rich in color, intense, and lively that tosses quickly and provides participants with a sensation of walking through a rainbow. It is washable and rinses off of clothes and skin and hair quickly.


What Kind of Color Powder Packages are Available

It is generally offered in individual packages and bulk orders by the pound on a couple of sites. Individual packages are generally used by organizers in fun runs, gender reveal, fundraiser charity races, effectively spread across through a color toss. The bulk bundle is used by race volunteers to throw on runners as they go through the color stations. Color Blaze offers wholesale in 5 pound and 25 pound bags. A different set of packages are also available for gender reveal party supplies.

Interesting Wholesale Color Powder Deals

Whether you are hosting a small or big fun run, it’s easy to determine how many pounds of powder you will need and how much it will cost you. By then you’ll be able to determine how much funds you need to raise during the event. Race Kits can help you save. It consists of: enough bulk holi powder for 3 stations (1/2 pound per order), individual package for each participant, t-shirt, sunglasses, inspirational bracelet, tattoos and a sticker label.


If you offer your race kits as part of registration at $25, you will make $13 on each pack offered. If your budget is only at $12 per runner, you can buy our Race Kits without the T-shirt for $7 only, and you’ll still get all the freebies that comes with the Race Kit and the same amount of powder package minus the t-shirt.

Both are a fantastic alternative for fundraising and help you save on the overall expenses of hosting such event.


What About Gender Reveals

A unique gender reveal party where organizers use pink color powder, blue color powder, or both has an undeniable appeal to all, many things can be accomplished using wholesale color powder.


There are separate yet equally affordable deals when it comes to gender reveal color powder. From bulk and wholesale offers to individual gender reveal packets, we have it all! If you happen to reach a dead end or lacking on creativity, our customer support can give cute gender reveal ideas or gender reveal party ideas. We are all for a fun gender reveal event for a growing family!

Color Blaze is a leading supplier of gender reveal party supplies for different baby gender reveal occasions, individual color packets in the shade of red, blue, white, and green color powder, and wholesale and bulk colored powders!


For a total listing of all our items varying from small packages to wholesale offers, visit our website and find what you need!

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