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At a local school, organization, or club?

If so, you might have to do some fundraising to get some money for a wide-range of activities. You might be looking for school fundraising options and want to get something that all families, students, moms and dads will be interested in. Something interesting!


A color fun run appears to fit the bill. Walkathons and normal runs with COLOR are soooo much better! Color powder brings an entirely brand-new aspect to a common Fundraising Race or Walk-a-thon, 5K, or March…

The novelty of a color run can get individuals, families, and community members included who might have otherwise not been interested in such an event. Consider the popularity, and consider that that more participants means more funds for your cause.

So… where do you get started? Where do you look? What to do first? What are the basics of a school fundraiser with color fun run powder- you likely need some color run ideas?

We are a great source of information on how to how to organize a fun run, how much to order so that you can throw color powder confidently without worrying of running out, yet without having too much left in your storage.


Choose your Cause, Date, Time and Location— Organization of your upcoming color fun run.

When you go to pick the date for your organization/school fundraiser, you will want to pay super close attention to the other types of activities that are ongoing during the same time.. Consider what’s going on at other public and private schools, and even historically what has gone on during that time frame.


A color fun run is a novelty and you don’t want to over expose your local community and your neighborhood to them. If the local high schools’ prom, a major sporting event or your town’s yearly craft-beer and cheese celebration is the same weekend, it is in your best interest to re-schedule before you set anything in stone. These are all people you want to show up!!!

Schedule Your Event Around Neighborhood Activities

Make sure that you are not sandwiching the your color run in between current fundraising events or other similar events. Also, steer clear of a larger window around other similar events… Keep two weeks after spring carnival and Easter gift wrapping fundraising so that you avoid burn-out for seasonal festivities.


You want a successful event, and for a color run to be popular, joyous and lively, your local area needs to be excited for something out of the ordinary.

What To Do Once Your Event Date Is Set - Location

Once the date is carefully chosen, you’ll want to think about the location to host your color fun run event. Keeping a centralized locale is key- school premises might be a good choice for you- everyone knows and is familiar with the grounds. City parks, fairgrounds, and other types of public spaces are also great choices.


Get Permissions Needed, Plan The Color Course

Ok, so now you’ve identified a date, location you can now move onto obtaining permission to do so… So get the phones ready, or get something through your outbox. It may be as simple as asking the local school board/principal, or a quick city permit.


Then, what about the course? For this and more color run ideas, our website is a great resource. Sometimes colored powder is known as holi powder, depending on occasion. Holi powder is best known for a spring festival.

Call on Color Blaze for more information on color packets, or visit our website for any information on how to make color run powder stay on shirt.

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