A Color Fun Run is an enjoyable and innovative method to raise funds for your organization. Participants will surely have a blast and will happily share photos and social media posts about your occasion! As the excitement sinks in, they will start to anticipate in joining the same event in the coming years. This means more dollar earnings for your organization or team!

Here are our fun run fundraising ideas with color runs!

Registration Fees

The most convenient method to raise funds is by charging a registration fee for your race. Whether its $5 or $50, it’s important to think about all overall expenses before deciding how much will it be. Remember to include the cost for the venue, wholesale color powder needs, individual color powder packets for every station, and other miscellaneous expenses. Carefully calculate everything then break it down to determine how much must each runner pay for the registration. If they sign up at least 30 days in advance their registration charge might be $10 less than signing up after the due date. Open registration for your race early— a minimum of 60- 90 days prior to your occasion date. The earlier you have registration is opened, the more time you have to promote your race.


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Out of the color fun run ideas, one good example is to ask your runners if they want to make pledges or donations for each lap or mile they run. Offer runners an objective that contributes to your neighborhood. It might be for local runners in training to gather $50 in contributions each. Simplify it for them— ask if the pledges can be made individually or by group.

Give rewards to the runners that gather the most pledges. You will marvel at the number of runners that are able to gather more than their objective! Often local organisations want to offer rewards — for instance for a school Color Fun Run, the regional bowling alley, pottery studio, movie tickets — or any establishment or business who might want to donate gift certificates as rewards. Award the gift certificates based on who got the most pledges. For example, a $100 in contributions might win a gift certificate to the local ice cream shop, $200 will be rewarded with movie tickets, and so on. Make it a reward system that every participant in your colored corn starch fun run will enjoy.

Discover an online fundraising platform that will permit runners to quickly email loved ones so they can contribute to the cause with a simple click of a button. Motivate moms and dads to utilize their social media and e-mail contacts to ask their network for assistance. You will be impressed just how much more you can raise when 200 kids send out emails to 5 to 10 member of the family.

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